Sunday, July 20, 2008

New born BioPuppy Linux beta version released!

I gladly inform you that, our first version of BioPuppy Linux is out, now. You can download it from

What is BioPuppy Linux

BioPuppy is an electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners. BioPuppy is available as a live CD cum installation CD [and in USB Pen drive] and containing all the required software to boot the computer with ready to use bio-informatics tools. BioPuppy is based of the Puppy Linux. The another objective of this BioPuppy is small in size. Our estimated size of BioPuppy is ~150MB.

More about BioPuppy

BioPuppy contains all the tools available in the basic puppy linux and bioinformatics tools. It provides both standard and cutting edge bioinformatics software tools on a Linux base. It is powerful, configurable and easy to maintain. It has been customized for ease of use and provides an ideal system for scientists handling and analyzing biological data. The Biopuppy is a light weight version of bio OS. Bioinformatics-related customizations include a large number of bioinformatics programs and programming libraries, the addition of graphical menus for much of the bioinformatics software, and links from the desktop to key documentation and applications. The system also includes a comprehensive, categorized and searchable documentation system for bioinformatics software.

Features of BioPuppy

* More user friendly and easy to use for those new to Linux.

* Contains all the necessary Bioinformatics tools. Check the Biology tools already included in BioPuppy.

* BioPuppy will boot from a minimum PC/Laptop with 586Mhz CPU and 32Mb RAM

* Easy to install in Hard disk, USB Pen drive and Compact Flash (CF) cards. No fear on installation for those new to Linux.

* Very small in size (~180MB). But it has everything.

* BioPuppy can run your operating system, programs and store your data on the same CD-RW/Pen drive/Hard disk

* BioPuppy contains extensive help files for ALL its programs and Bioinformatcis tools with screen shot.

* Can easily update new version.

* Bring all your programs, tools, moves, songs with light weight BioPuppy Linux in a single USB Pen drive.

Biology softwares included

Sequence Analysis Tools :: Sim-4, Tigr-Glimmer 2, Genewise, Muscle, Sigma, HMMER, Clustal-W and mafft

Structure Prediction Tools :: mfold, gibbs

Protein Structure Analysis Tools :: Garlic,Rasmol

Phylogenetic Analysis tools :: Fast DNA, Phylip, Phylodraw

Protein Modeling :: Modeller

Docking :: MGL Tools (Autodock tools, Python Molecular Viewer (PMV), Vision)

System Biology :: Copasi

On-line tools :: BLAST,EMBOSS

For more please visit

Your contributions are almost welcome!…

Some screen shots

How developers/companies are earning money from Open Source environment?

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) need not a free of cost. We can earn money in some ways from Open Source softwares by directly and indirectly.

* Hope you know, we dont have any official supports for Open Source softwares. Take a OS s/w; Sale it with free of cost for your customer. When they want support, you just charge some money.
* One important drawback in OS is, no ready made development environment and taking more time duration for setting up a environment. if you will do every thing in a single package, then you can earn more money from OS. For example, still we dont have any ready made working environment for embedded linux. We have to install more tools and need to configure lot of things. Its an nightmare for developers. If you possible to collect all the tools, configure it and ready for sale, you can earn more money, I m sure.
* You can also earn money by teaching OS tools and softwares, like provide training.
* You can also earn money by providing installation setup/supports for an company/organizations. CDAC is d example in this case. They are doing this business for all the government org from BOSS linux.
* My-sql is an open source DB. Recently, Mr.Brain [Owner of mq-sql]sale his OS project MY-AQL to another company for some millions. But it took around 6 years for earn this money from his open source project.
* Sale a OS operating system CD/DVD is an good business and more…

Why the companies are starting a OS software

You may ask this question, definitely. Now we can see why a company/developer start an OS project.
* You will get more contributions from community. So that your product will be stable soon.
* Get more contribution from community. You no need to recruit more people for this project.
* Google encourage more OS activities like Google SOC and this is the best example company for earning more money from OS by directly and indirectly.
* Intel have a big OS community. So that they are getting contributions for writing drivers for their processors. They have lots of other OS projects too,
* NOKIA, have a OS community. Initially they started with couple of OS projects. Now they have more than 25 projects in a short period. Through this OS activity, they are getting more contributions for their application development and others. visit
* {After NOVELL earned more bad issues from communities, once tied with Microsoft} Now AMD supports OpenSUSE project,
* nVidia have a OS community and they are getting more contributions for writing drivers for their devices.
* There are lots of companies are having OS activities. Coz, they are getting credits indirectly, compare with what they are earning money by directly.

* For more details about Open Source business plan refer this link,

Howto get a embedded system job and what i want to do for that.

I thing recently I am getting more queries related this topic.
I would like to share my suggestions with all the freshers in embedded system. We have already discussed about it. But still the freshers not get any clear idea about, howto get a job in embedded system. Hope this thread ill help them to understand first, what the industries are expecting from them. I request you to post all your comments here, if you have any.

Dont do/think

* Entry for freshers in embedded system is really easy…
* I ill get a job immediately, coz i have a embedded system certification from a great -ABC- institution.
* I have fully fitted for embedded system field. Coz I have completed all the modules include, C,C++,Unix, Device drivers, Micro controllers and RTOS. Oh….I am great. What do you want more….
* If i cant get any job in this field, then i just simply put a 1+ yr fake experience and try for job. The recruiter easily believe me. Then I ill get a job easily. Oh…I am really so brilliant….
* If i add one or two projects [especially some rtos projects like vxworks ]in my resume then i can easily get a job.
* I have 90% marks in all d certificates. The interviewer easily accept me for this embedded system field.
* I have done a embedded system project in a big MNC embedded systems company. So i m eligible for getting a job easily.

Then What I want to do/Think?

* What ever it may be, You should learn from in-depth. For hardware engineers, learn from flipflop, micro processor….etc. For software engineers, learn from compilers, linkers, OS concepts….etc.
* Do some real time projects from what you have learn. For example, u have 6 modules in course, try to do minimum one project for that module by your own and d project should b related with industries use.
* Try to utilize your lab facilities. Especially your lab hardwares. Hack it, what ever you want.
* Learn The Linux OS for embedded system. Coz it has good future in embedded system and in India. Coz Linux is exactly suitable for embedded system field other than windows. Another reason is, you can hack the linux from top to bottom. Coz its open source and no need to depend upon any proprietary softwares. So that you can learn more and get more rel time exp.
* Plan to buy a hardware board like ARM 7 or others. You can get the hardware from 3k to 10k based on configuration. Using this boards, you can feel the real time exp for porting, cross compilation, linux, emb linux, rtlinux and other rtos. If you got these experience, your interviewer will satisfy almost.
* You should sharp your language skills like C,C++,Java….etc. This is very important for s/w embedded system engineers.
* Try to contribute to some international forums, mailing lists and magazines like, So that you can update your knowledge in this field and whats happening in the current embedded field on industries side.
* Try to contribute some embedded system open source projects already available in internet. Go through the site, and search for embedded system project. you ill get thousands of project related embedded system. Definitely, you will get nice experience on this field.

What are the available chance for getting a job in this field

(1) Select a embedded system company in your college placements. Avoid d s/w companies like CTS, Infosys…etc, if you have a confident to get a job in embedded field/company.
(2) If you dont have d placements, send your resumes for selected embedded system companies, even you are a fresher. Insist your full of interest in embedded system.
(3) You may join some embedded system courses aft 6 months you got finished your degree. During this 6 months, you can try for freshers job. You may get some placements through your training institute. But this is not guarantee. Its depends the institute and your capability. But d course is not necessary for embedded system, if you have capable of learn by your own and full of self confident. My personal opinion is, I wont suggest you to do a course. Coz in india all d institute are not teaching good in embedded system. All are money minded.
(4) If you have done some good projects followed by the “what to do” steps, you have more chance to get a job in this field.
(5) If your intention is only for getting a job in this field, then dont look big MNC companies & big salary. You have lots of small embedded companies are there. For entry, this is more useful for you to learn a lot in this field other than a big company. so your first preference should be small/startup companies.
(6) Suppose u cant get a job in this field after one year, now u can put 1+ yr fake exp with reasonable projects. I did nt suggest this idea in previous topic. But here I suggest you; Coz some times it will work. But its not guarantee and more risky. At the same time, you should have all capable of doing all the stuffs equivalent to 1+ yr exp person. Interviewer easily identify you; But he may prefer you, due to some reasons. First one is, you have all d stuffs for manage every thing without exp. 2nd one is, they have forced to recruit a person for emergency.
(7) Last but not least, keep on trying ,even u crossed more.

I wish you all the best for your best career in Embedded System….

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Solution for "/bin/sh: Can’t access tty; job control turned off" error

Recently, we tried to boot our customized Puppy live linux from pen drive in our Intel 201GLY Mini-ITX board. But we gor the error:: /bin/sh: Can’t access tty; job control turned off
For the last one month we cant solved this problem. Now we solved this problem .
The solution is, just boot the kernel with the option, "acpi=off".
The following steps will provide you more details,

  1. Boot your computer so that GRUB is displayed.
  2. Press the "e" key to go into edit mode.
  3. Press "o" to add a new line to the script.
  4. Type the following: acpi=off irqpoll
  5. Press the Escape key.
In the event that acpi=off doesn't work try replacing the entry above with one of the following:
  • acpi=force irqpoll
  • nacpitimer irqpoll
Hope this info helpful for the people those who are seeking the solution for this problem.