Friday, July 27, 2007

My short term goal-It should be guide for beginners

I was thinking about this short term target in my life since my college days. Early when I entered into my college, I struggled for lot of (Non)technicals issues. Coz I dont have any seniors. In my college we are the first batch students. So I cant get the links and guidance for how to do my ideas like How to study (I was a Tamil medium student), How to learn, How to do a Mini project, Where can I get the resources, How to apply for an symposium, final years projects, job preparation, about companies and of-course How to enjoy my college life.

I faced lot of problems in my job seeking. It was like without any proper preparation, without any guidance and without any motivation. I encouraged myself and finally got a job in my own field of interest.

So on that day itself i planned to launch one site and it should contains technical related stuffs especially for learners, beginners and job seekers. I decided the content and name of the site electronica before 6 years back.


Saravanan said...

I feel great to see your profile :O
I always like people who use Free / Open source softwares.. .

Keep your working going on dude...

(Will FSF win the patents threat by Microsoft?)

Prakash.A.S said...

Thank you for your encouragement...:)

Anonymous said...

Great Initiative! Keep it up!
Me too was a Tamil medium student and it helped me to understand first whatever is in English (unlike English medium students!!!).

Hope I visit your site then and there.

Perl Programmer.